Will Kep1er disband? Project group eyes extension with 'Magic Hour'

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Halfway through its 2 1/2-year stint, project girl group Kep1er voiced hopes it can keep on going through its new album "Magic Hour."

Formed through Mnet's audition program "Girls Planet 999" in 2021, the nonet officially debuted in January 2022 as a project team set to terminate in July 2024.

The nine-piece girl group on Monday released the album, its fifth EP, five months since putting out "Lovestruck!" in April. Since then, the girls held their first arena tour "Fly-By" in Japan, meeting some 50,000 fans there.

With "Magic Hour," the girls unravel another enchanting love story.

Fronting the album is the title song "Galileo," which embodies the bandmates' hopes that "everyone could fall in love as love is what helps us to see the bright side even when life discourages us," member Kim Chae-hyun said during the band's showcase event held in Seoul on Monday.

The girls divided into units for the first time with the new album. Choi Yu-jin, Xiaoting, Seo Young-eun and Kang Ye-seo teamed up for Latin-infused medium pop "Tropical Light," while Mashiro, Kim Chae-hyun, Kim Da-yeon, Hikaru and Huening Bahiyyih sang groovy old school hip-hop "Tape" together.

Also on the album are two sidetracks "The Door" and "Love On Lock."

With 10 months left before their contracts end, the members have been discussing their continuation with management agencies WakeOne and Swing Entertainment. It's been reported the companies, which co-represent the band, are undergoing negotiations with the members.

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